Coffee Dock / Salad Bus


On Set Coffee dock

Our Coffee Dock is a walk aboard vehicle which can serve as a breakfast bar during breakfast service and a welcome coffee oasis on set.
No more soggy tea bags, wet sugar cups blowing down the street (or worse) just a wide and varied selection of coffee /teas and herbal teas and snacks available in a pleasant dry and comfortable atmosphere.
Need a place to sit and chill?: our walk aboard coffee dock provides seating where you can relax and enjoy your coffee/tea or beverage at your leisure.
Mobile phone and laptop charging are available on board the coffee dock.
The mobile coffee dock is a real winner allowing people to enjoy delicious coffee and teas onboard no matter the weather. Wherever the location the coffee dock will provide a dry and warm welcoming atmosphere for all who use it.
A selection of chilled drinks is also available on board our coffee dock
The coffee dock is perfect for

  • Corporate Functions
  • Fashion Shoots
  • TV Commercials
  • Coffee Mornings
  • ProductLaunches
  • Training Days
  • Executive Meetings


Mini Coffee Rover

Our mini coffee rover goes where no coffee rover has gone before.
Tight spaces are no problem here . Despite its size the coffee rover packs a real punch and delivers delicious coffees , teas and treats whatever the weather. It’s the perfect coffee solution when space is limited on location.
We offer a bespoke catering coffee service to our clients. Speak to us we have the solution.